Los Angeles based artist, Kellen, is making a name for himself with his modern "sad pop" sound. He connects with his audience through colorful lyricism and a powerful, emotional voice.

     When he moved to Los Angeles from rural Northern California in 2016, he hit the ground running. As he was building his career, he was also rebuilding himself,  After having to leave his parents home at only 15, Kellen began to really understand the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child." He often refers to himself as the "product of a village."

     Trying to navigate high school, while dealing with somesubstantial hardships like homelessness, 

addiction, and his own identity as a trans man, Kellen had to find an outlet.

    Kellen found his solstice as a songwriter and performer, and has since been building his signature, melancholy pop sound. A self proclaimed "sad emo,' Kellen takes his listeners back to their 'emo phase'  with his pained vocals and brutally honest lyricism,

It's hard not to feel something.


photographed by - Brianna Alysse